Blair Senior Services, Inc. Hosting VITA Tax Program Training

The VITA program’s specially trained and certified volunteers help low-income individuals who are unable to complete their taxes themselves but can’t afford to hire a paid tax preparer. Just like hiring an accountant or paid preparer, VITA’s knowledgeable volunteers can help interpret forms, understand finances, and ensure that the taxpayer can get as large a return as possible.

The VITA Program is an olive branch of relief for low-income individuals who need assistance with their income taxes which can be complicated. In fact, the National Taxpayers Union Foundation estimates that the American economy loses $230 billion dollars each year in productivity just because income taxes can be so difficult to understand. And this can be especially true for older Americans who often have multiple sources of income, such as social security and pensions, as well as plenty of deductible expenses.

Founded in 1974 as the Area Agency on Aging for Blair County, Blair Senior Services, Inc. is a private, nonprofit corporation established to meet the needs of older adults living in Blair County, PA. In addition, Blair Senior Services, Inc. serves residents of all ages through diverse programming and services.  Their professional staff, volunteers, and fifteen-member Board of Directors are dedicated to the principles and values of dignity, empowerment, advocacy, and respect. For more information, please call 814-946-1235 or visit their website at