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Bernice Newberry

Bernice Newberry

Bernice Newberry has been working for Blair Senior Services for 30 years.  She initially began her employment in Care Management, which she still does, but she also works in Protective Services. 

Bernice’s responsibilities include assessing the needs appropriately for consumers so they are able to stay in their homes. Bernice states, “In Protective Services, I help people who may be at risk for abuse, neglect, or abandonment, those type of scenarios.  Some of the cases are simply self neglect.  Others are more complicated.  It is very exciting because you never know what you may run into and every situation is different.”

When asked what Bernice liked best about working for Blair Senior Services, she stated, “All my life I wanted to be a Social Worker.  I enjoy the variety of people I meet. These people come to Blair Senior Services, Inc. because they don’t know what to do or where to turn for answers or assistance.  Our Agency has ways to help so many people in so many different situations.  For me, I believe it is the best feeling knowing that I was able to help someone achieve their ultimate goal of being able to stay in their home.” 

Bernice said that she would encourage others to volunteer or work for Blair Senior Services, Inc. saying, “Blair Senior Services is always in need of volunteers and is a great place to work.  It takes a special type of person to work for us. It is an Agency where everyone truly wants to help the elderly and to make their lives a little better with one of our many programs.  There is no better place to work and know that you made someone’s life a little bit better by helping them out of a situation or to stay in their home!”  If you are interested in volunteering for one of Blair Senior Services, Inc. programs, please call 814-946-1235.

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