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Long Term Living Services

Placement Assessments for Least Restrictive Living Arrangements

Placement Services
Blair Senior Services, Inc. assists eligible older persons and their families in the voluntary placement in more appropriate living situations when they can no longer live independently. A staff member will assess the elderly individual’s functional abilities and provide information to assist in the selection of the least-restrictive living arrangement.

Domiciliary Care (Dom Care) for Family Style Living in a Private Residence

Domiciliary Care
Individuals who are unable to live independently due to a physical, visual, or mental disability, or an age-related impairment can consider Domiciliary Care, or “Dom Care” as an alternative to institutional living. Dom Care homes are private residences that house up to three consumers. Consumers who choose to live in Dom Care homes experience a sense of belonging, well being, and a true family experience. The Dom Care provider opens their home to consumers, and they provide meals, laundry and personal care to ensure that all of the consumer’s needs are met. Dom Care providers and their homes are certified annually, and the Agency provides ongoing oversight.

This service is open to anyone over 18 years old who is socially capable of living in a community setting but is unable to care for themselves independently. Please click here for more information about Domiciliary Care in Pennsylvania.

Assessments: Nursing Home, Personal Care, and Community Services

PreAdmission Assessment
Blair Senior Services, Inc. assesses consumers who apply for admission to a nursing home or to home and community-based services under the Medical Assistance Program (Medicaid). The PreAdmission Assessment program also provides assessments for individuals in other special target groups seeking admission to a nursing facility, whether or not that person is on Medicaid. Through our comprehensive assessments, we determine the individual’s level of need and the appropriate care setting for them, such as a nursing facility or a personal care home. If we determine that a consumer is eligible for nursing home care, admission is authorized. If the admission is deferred, we can work with the consumer to develop and implement a service plan for community care.

In most instances, consumers must have a physician complete a MA-51 form before we can complete a preadmission assessment.

MA51 Form

Security Income Supplements (SSI)
The Agency performs an SSI Assessment/Reassessment to determine the level of care needed for a consumer who will be residing or currently resides in a personal care or domiciliary care home. Blair Senior Services, Inc. performs this medical/psychosocial assessment in conjunction with the Department of Human Services’ financial assessment to determine the overall eligibility for the supplemental income payment.

No Place Like Home

A common saying is “there is no place like home!” For many people, this is true because as they view their home as their own personal safe haven. However, there are some people in our community who cannot relate to this statement because they do not have a place to call home. Most people are familiar with the foster care system available to children without adequate housing and supervision. But what happens when an adult is unable to care for themselves independently, but does NOT require skilled nursing care? An option that many people are not aware of is Domiciliary Care.

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