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Fern Price “Mr. Senior Olympics”

Fern Price “Mr. Senior Olympics”

Fern Price has been participating in the Blair County Senior Olympics, hosted by Blair Senior Services, Inc., since 2001. An avid lover of sports his entire life, Fern decided the Senior Olympics was the perfect opportunity for him.

After a few years of participating, Fern decided to become a volunteer and chair several events for the Senior Olympics. “I’ve chaired multiple events in my time with the Senior Olympics, but most recently I’ve chaired the Homerun Derby, Archery, Shuffleboard, and the Bean Bag Toss,” shared Fern.

Fern’s main responsibility as a Chairperson is to monitor the safety of the individuals participating, the weather, and keeping score of the events. To Fern, the most important part of the games are the people. “I come back to the games each year because of the people,” said Fern. “It’s not about the medals you win… it’s the people that you meet. There are so many nice people in the Senior Olympics.”

Fern also shared that being a chairperson has allowed him to see many people’s success. “It’s so much fun to see somebody come in as a newcomer, and then you see how happy they are to still hit a ball at their age… it just makes your day!” Fern explained.

“My advice to anyone who is curious about the Senior Olympics is to go for it! You’re not going to be disappointed with the things that you do or the wonderful people you will meet,” Fern shared.

For more information on the 2020 Blair County Senior Olympics, please visit or call Chelsey Rhodes at (814) 946-1235.

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