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Mary Ann Hofer

Mary Ann Hofer

Mary Ann Hofer has been volunteering for the Foster Grandparent Program at Blair Senior Services for the last 17 years. Mary Ann volunteers 5 days a week from 8 a.m. until Noon.   Mary Ann heard about the Blair Senior Services’ program through word of mouth and decided to give it a try. 

Mary Ann’s volunteer site is at the Altoona Area High School volunteering in the School Age Parent Program. There, Mary Ann helps with skills for the students and nurturing of the infants and toddlers.  Mary Ann says, “I talk to the children and hug and kiss them. Lots of hugs I give and get in return.  I give enough love to fill any empty spots there may be. ”

When asked what she liked the most about volunteering for Blair Senior Services, Mary Ann stated “I absolutely love everyone with my whole heart. Everyone at Blair Senior Services, in the offices, the van drivers are all so very nice.  Then the people at the school, Mrs. Resko and all the teachers are so good to me.  The students call me Gram.  Who doesn’t need an extra Gram?  I just love so much what I do and I have lots of fun.  I look forward to each day.”  Mary Ann does get paid a stipend for volunteering but said it doesn’t compare to the amount of reward she gets from volunteering.

When asked if she had a special memory while volunteering for Blair Senior Services, Mary Ann said, “There are too many to mention and really every day something special happens.”

Mary Ann would encourage anyone to give the Foster Grandparent Program a try saying, “If you love kids, this is the program for you!”

If you or your group is interested in volunteering for this program or any of the programs offered, please call Blair Senior Services, Inc. at 814-946-1235. 

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